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Tools of Agenda-Building

In the coming years, we will work to clarify the agenda of the Democratic Alternative by identifying living examples and outlining policy objectives that serve its mission. By 2018, we will launch a full-fledged policy platform for the Democratic Party that can be utilized by progressive politicians to move the party towards the vision of the Democratic Alternative. We have three tools to develop the Democratic Alternative agenda:

  • The Democratic Alternative blog: Here at, we host a blog dedicated to spotlights, opinion pieces, reporting, ideas, and policy analysis devoted to the Progressive Alternative vision. Each of the four areas of the vision – Strong Citizens, Strong Communities, Open Economy, and Open Democracy – have a dedicated project team working to develop their corner of the vision. The best of the blog will be compiled every month and sent out to subscribers as The Progressive Alternative Monthly.
  • The Democratic Alternative email list: To build an online community of Democrats devoted to the Progressive Alternative vision, we launched an email list to foster discussion, link-sharing, and solidarity. Email to join.

Join Us

Join us in this intervention in the Democratic Party for stronger people and a more open world. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Follow: Stay in the loop by signing up for The Democratic Alternative Monthly mailing list in the right sidebar.
  • Join: Join the Democratic Alternative network by emailing We will add you to our email list and wiki database, as well as get you involved in one of our four major research projects.
  • Write: Have an idea or story that speaks to the project of stronger citizens, stronger communities, a more open economy, or a more open democracy? Submit to the blog by emailing